First Post

Hey everyone!

We made the shift over to a new system to administer The Supah Market. We hope this will bring a more efficient and reliable experience to you.

We had a rough year in 2014. Our family lost two long-time furry family members, Oslo P. Jackson and Pussy Galore. We hope to use the sadness as fuel to inspire new work and ideas. One very good thing that our grief brought us was ... a kitten!  We thought that our cats would have willed their home to a pet without one. So ... here she is:

Our newest recruit, Pinky Pistachio 

Our newest recruit, Miss Pinky Lee Pistachio


Amy Beth is more certain about her work than ever. Going strong in 2014 and forward. Stick with us! 


Thank you, everyone, for all your support and patronage.


Amy Beth

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