About Us

We're not your average supermarket. The Supah Market boasts a fine arts pedigree and a passion for the uncommonly awesome. Prepare to be wowed by our eclectic collections and delightful discoveries.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to spark joy through unexpected treasures. We mean to add color to the world though our unique creations, quirky finds, funny ideas and by celebrating overlooked joys of life.

"Stop and smell the tacos!"

Amy Beth Geerling Payne

amy beth

Amy is the painter, designer and creator behind most everything we hand make at supah. She finds herself here after a lifetime pursuing the fine arts and being a crafter, designer, programmer and dreamer. She credits being a fan of cute animals, music, fashion, humor and beauty with inspiration for all that she crafts.

Adam payne


Adam takes care of a lot of the unglamorous parts of the business, while helping to direct the overall mission and vision of the shop. He is proud of all Amy has accomplished and looks forward to what’s next.

Established Online, Now a Fixture in Funky Ferndale

While we've been serving up unique creations and finds online since 1999, The Supah Market set up shop in the real world in June 2020. We're proud to be part of Ferndale's one-of-a-kind Rust Belt Market, where you'll find our exclusive selection and more fun things like the Mystery Boxes in the Smoke Machine. You can still find us on Etsy too!

  • Fun & Whimsy

    Cultivating a sense of joy and lightheartedness.

  • Discovery & Surprise

    Offering unexpected finds and sparking curiosity.

  • Creativity & Expression

    Supporting artistic endeavors and individuality.

  • Quality & Care

    Providing well-made, unique products with a personal touch.

  • Community & Connection

    Giving back and creating a welcoming space for like/open minded people.

Our Future

The Supah Market aspires to be a vibrant haven, overflowing with whimsical treasures that ignite smiles around the world. We envision a future where our playful creations and delightful finds bring joy to countless friends and fans, fostering connections between humans and their four-legged besties.