From Crickets to Cat Calls:  We're Finally Chatting!

From Crickets to Cat Calls: We're Finally Chatting!

Hey Supah Fans! We've been busy bees here at The Supah Market, building out our new space at The Rust Belt, and growing this awesome community of quirky-loving peeps like you. But, truth be told, we haven't been the best at buzzing into your inbox. That's about to change, we are going to be reaching out more frequently with lots of new fun finds and news and even activities.
Get ready for a dose of Supah fun delivered straight to your doorstep (well, virtually speaking)! We'll be sharing all the latest and greatest from The Supah Market: new finds that'll make you go "OMGURD!", creative DIY projects, and maybe even a few purrfectly pawsome pet surprises.
So buckle up (or should we say, "buckle down" with all the cuteness coming your way?), 'cause things are about to get supah dupah.

The Very Latest ...

Frenchtastic! (Frenchtastique?)

This weekend we are debuting the most fun and most French sausage dog and Frenchie cat tops. We have sweatshirts and raglan sleeve tops. They are very fun and perfect to sport from spring, all the way to Bastille Day!  Check them out here!


Yes, the new spring line of cat and dog dresses are still in stock if you're looking for something chic and petcentric. If you haven't seen them yet, check them out here!

Get Your Glue Guns Ready! 

It's Supah Craft Time! 

YES! This newsletter has a craft project!


It's time you made it official and crated an impossibly elegant Cardboard Cat (or Dog) Crown!

• Supah Easy & Affordable: Uses recycled materials and requires minimal crafting supplies.
• Endless Customization Options: Lets pet parents unleash their creativity and personalize the crown to match their cat's purr-sonality.
• Perfect for your pampered feline's street cred. Have you posted on your cat or dog's instagram lately? This is a fun reason to. PHOTO SESH!
* Construction paper or cardboard (from a cereal box, shoebox, etc.)
* Scissors or craft knife (adult use only)
* Ruler
* Pencil
* Colorful duct tape (or decorative paper, fabric scraps, paints, markers - anything to decorate the crown!)
* Optional: Pipe cleaners, markers, ricrac, glitter glue, bells, feathers, or other embellishments
1. Take a piece of string or yarn and measure the circumference of the flat part your cat's cheeseburger shaped head, where you would want the crown to sit. Add an inch to this measurement for comfort.
2. On your cardboard or construction paper, draw a long rectangle with a width of 3 inches and a length equal to your cat's head measurement plus the extra inch. Draw crown spikes evenly down the length of the long part of the rectangle.
3. Carefully cut out the flat crown shape and then connect the ends to form a loose circle. You can use staples or tape to secure the ends.
4. Here comes the fun part! Decorate the crown using your craft supplies - colorful duct tape, glitter glue fabric scraps, paints, markers, or anything else that suits your fancy. For extra pizzazz, add pipe cleaners, jingle bells, or feathers.
 5. Optional: attach a ribbon or string to the base of the crown to secure it comfortably around your cat's head (though some cats may prefer the crown untethered for maximum dramatic effect!)
6. Take some snaps and either send them to @supah_ on instagram, or post on your own, using the hashtag #supahregal!
* Supervise your cat when they're wearing the crown to ensure they don't chew on it or get tangled in any embellishments. I mean, you're not going anywhere, you're taking highly professional photos, after all.

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